Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pictures galore!

yayy so finally pics? =D yes. that's right. i havent been updating with pictures, but here they are, when i am procrastinating my hw! no haha.. ive been having trouble getting stable internet. ugh its so slow here!! its driving me crazy!!

Earth Hour 2009: Chiefly field on campus, not very exciting, mostly just sausage feast (ie free BBQ hehe, can u see the line on the far left?) and entertainment for 3 hours >.<

Sean's Bio Fieldtrips: He went to Jervis Bay, with its absolutely gorgeous beaches and a huge ass national park that apparently took 3 hours of walking to walk thru in order to actually get to the beach. then there was Kiolia, somewhere along the bay, not as famous as Jervis Bay's beaches. but still pretty darn nice. His last fieldtrip is this w eekend (right now) at the Snowy mountains. The 2nd to last pic is a blue squid ( i think.) he was stepping on them and they made popping noises, he said.

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