Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School!

Today was my last day of instruction! Now for 2 final projects due BEFORE final week....and then finals...-_-

The fruits of my (and my group's) labour: for my Language Planning and Language Policy class. (hopefully it's not locked to private setting) I must admit, it was a really interesting assignment and I enjoyed doing it. It's also worth 40% of the course mark.....we had to do a case study of a country and my group got Vanuatu.

Oh and I also got 68% (which is 2% away from a "D" - D for Distinction!, which is like a A- or something) on my Language in Indigenous Australia essay (worth 30%). That was also really interesting because I chose a cool topic: numbers and counting terminology in Aboriginal languages. It was like 10 pages long. They like it long here >.<

I learnt sooo much here from my classes- about the sociopolitical side of linguistics, about a tiny island country called Vanuatu that I've never even heard of before, about the structure of conversation, about all sorts of topics on Aboriginal languages and some Asian languages (that was in the intensive course) I think got a lot better at researching for essays too and writing them in terms of technicalities.

But if I were given the chance to do it all over again, I would definately do things differently. I would put myself out there more and join student groups and clubs. I would try my luck at getting a research assistant position for a semester, like the studentships here. I would also start those essays earlier lol.

I'm kinda scared thinking about my finals. Basically I have to answer two questions and that is worth 30% or more of my total mark for a single course. TWOO!??? questions?! c'mon!! that's putting ALOT of weight on just a couple of free response answers......*terrified*

well, at least after i turn in my last final, me and sean will be traveling again for a few days before heading back home. we're going to cairns. Basically, that's headquarters for the great barrier reef! i'm so excited!! finally i'll get to snorkel!

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