Friday, July 2, 2010

Heading off! See you in Beijing!

This is my "I'm so excited to be leaving for China" post. I'M SO EXCITED TO BE LEAVING FOR CHINA!!!! I can't wait to see how Beijing is like and I can't wait to meet everyone on the trip. I'm actually looking forward to the chinese classes and to be learning and hopefully vastly improving my chinese. I'm really looking forward to the electives too-taichi, calligraphy, ink painting. =D I want to explore Bejing and I can't wait to go to the Great Wall of China! This is one of the things in my bucket list! And after the 6 weeks hanging around Beijing, I can't wait for the week long tour of selected tourist traps lol. I've actually been to the places before exactly 10 years prior, when I was 12. Can you imagine it? Now, ten years later, as a mature (=p)22 year old, I'll be visiting Stone Forest, Lijiang, Dali all over again! Not to mention Shanghai as the last pit stop before returning to China. I am worried about some things tho, like how I'll get around with my terrible Chinese and making a good first impression meeting my bf's grandparents who are Beijing natives. Also, hopefully I won't go broke spending money buying everything in sight.

I'll blog again when I've landed in China! This is assuming the blog isn't blocked. XDD. Probably not, right? Alright, bye bye USA!

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EZ's World said...

YAY im so happy for you!
take advantage of the tai-chi/ calligraphy/painting! its so worth it!

and go get a bike!!