Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Undergrad vs. Grad classes

All of my classes are shared by grad and undergrad students. the grad students take the exact same classes we undergrads take- we have the same lecturer, the same class time and room, the only difference is, it seems, they just have to read a little bit more, go to a couple more tutorials, and do a tutorial presentation. seems so easy! its like theyre just taking the honours course instead or something! i wonder do grad students are berkeley do this too? the grad program here compared to cal seems pretty different.

im looking at 5 classes this week; im enrolled in 4 so im kinda shopping and dropping =p they do that here too hehe. i decided that i want to take lang in asia, lang in indigenious australia, language planning and lanugage politics and conversation analysis. im gonna drop cross cultural communication cause ive got the feeling ill be extremely bored sitting in lecture. but the reading is very interesting so im gonna be doing the readings on my own. its pretty relevant to my other courses, especially LPLP (planning and politics) and CA (convo analysis). i just dont want to do the essays and all that stuff for the class.

ah! >.< one of the SRs...or i think SRs....he was wearing a black shirt, just came into my room telling me bruce hall gets loud during the day. it gets loud during the night too. and he told me to get a pair of earplugs, but if i cant stand it, i can switch to another room....siigh...i hope he didnt come by because of what i did last night....XD i was in bed, trying to sleep and i got really mad (i was already in a really bad mood from something else) at the people outside talking loudly, laughing so i got out of bed, screamed down the hall at them to SHUTUP! and then i slammed the door. i couldn't sleep for a good while.


wuncliq said...

interesting. i think some of my classes has graduate students in them. but yea, for the most part, they're pretty segregated from us.

and eek on the noise ! maybe you should transfer out.

martin said...

Haha... I can imagine you doing that too... SHUTUP!!

But then I can also imagine you not saying it too seriously only for the mere fact that when you say shut up to me, you are usually laughing. :)