Monday, March 2, 2009

Iono about smaller updates...

Cuz im lazy and i find new things everyday but i dont want to post stuff up everyday... so it'll just get crammed into bigger ones whenever i feel like updating..which is right now! =)

okies so i dont have class on mondays and fridays. w00t! but in this little town, it doesnt mean its good....there's NOTHING to do here! sean still has the regular 5 day week so we cant go anywhere for the weekend. two days isnt enough. but anyway, i went to the 3 block mall on monday, just trying to figure out how to navigate the maze that is the mall. yes, my sense of direction is terrible, ok? well, of course, i got lost... but its ok cause i got everything that i needed, although i was frustrated that target didn't sell band aids or earplugs (i figured out you have to go to the chemist for that, which is like a drugstore), big w doesnt sell fans and that i could have bought everything for cheaper at the discount store or aldi's. man, aldi's has some cheap sunscreen... they sold sunscreen by the liter. can you imagine that? its like a jug of laundry detergent, and it even has a pump! oh they have really cheap booze too. haha.
its been pretty dry here stuck in the middle of bush country. my heels are cracking. anyone know good moisturizers? that i can find in australia?
its jarring how much australians are so in tune with american culture. they have a store in the mall called valley girl XD, just like forever 21 or wet seal. and i cant tell what australian music is cause they play ne-yo and britney spears just like in the US. their cinemas play the same thing the US is playing, although they release it later i think.
its also jarring how close to asia you really are. sean said something like if you take the people that go to cal and make all the asians REAL fobs, thats ANU. there's alot of asians here, more than i expected. and its weird how indonesian and japanese are the foreign language of choice. those two are the most popular langauge courses. i have never even considered indonesian being taught. just today, my ling prof asked how many ppl have studied indonesian and 3 people out of 22 there raised their hand. how many at cal have studied indonesian? is there even an indonesian course at cal?? so strange how french or italian aren't the foreign language of choice here.

tips for travel:
-you need to have loose change when you first arrive at a new country. i only had $50s and $100s. not smart. the first thing i needed was to make a call, which was like $2 or something. i know you can just buy something there to get some loose change, but ugh, its pretty annoying. the smallest bill i had was $5 which is ok, but i ended up going up to a stranger and asking to use their mobile.
-dont lose your contacts lenses. which leads to the fact that i have lost my contacts. all $200 or so, and that's american dollars. i should have put them in my carry on. i have no idea where they are, probably lost somewhere during traveling or something. i dunno if i should buy new ones here, i brought the prescription from my optometrist but that means i have to shell out money. *sigh*
-i also lost my zune cable. wtf, its like only ipods exist here. i have not seen any other kind of mp3 players since ive come here. ipods are ruling the entire world. i went into dixon's, which is like a best buy and asked someone where are the zune accessories and he gave me a look and was like, what's a zune? oh my god..... so i tried to buy it off of ebay but. UGH! you can't use your paypal account to ship to another country! the only way is to cancel your paypal account, set up a new one, where you need an australian bank account.


more translations:

foot path=sidewalk
a burger with the lot= a burger with tons of stuff in it, iono how to eat it without dripping everywhere lol. it has the tomatoes, lettuce, cheese? i think? but also an omelette, radish and pineapple. sean doesnt like the radish but the pineapple in the burger is really goooood...

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