Monday, December 15, 2008

holy moly i was freaking out last night because the bruce hall lady emailed me saying she got my credit card form that i faxed over even though i had already mailed it in (long story) and she said she just credited it like $6000 to it. and i was like SHIT! does the account even have that much money in it?! that's ALOT of money all at once! you see, with a credit card payment plan, you pay the acceptance fee AND pay for accomodation all at once. and you pay for a full semester in one lump sum, unlike here, where you pay every month or so. there IS another payment plan where u can pay fortnightly (keke they dont say 2 weeks ^^) but you can only do that with direct deposit with an australian bank account, which i dont have. SO, blah blah i was freaking out. so iimmediately called my dad cause it's his account and then i realized lol that its australian dollars. so..corrected version: A$6,000. phew! *sigh of relief* so that's about US$4300 ish? something like that. ah...australian currency =D makes my dollar go farther. ^^

hopefully i can maintain my 3.01 gpa lol and don't get below a 2.9 cause ANU can still reject me. please please CAL final gods, have mercy on me!

[eta. after finals, right before xmas! : phew! my gpa is good. i maintained my gpa!!]

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