Monday, December 29, 2008

Plane Tickets and more!

I just bought the plane ticket to Sydney!! (finally...) I got it for just over $1000 round trip! That's a a far cry from over $1500 wen i checked the prices 2 months ago... and american airlines havent even changed their prices!! thank goodness for united (and quantas). they're nice. *glares at american airlines* so, phew im glad that's off my chest. i'll be leaving on the 2nd of febuary!! the plan is leave sfo, arrive in sydney, crash in hostel like 2 blocks away from hotel for 2 days. (eap orientation includes 3 nights of hotel) and we're arriving early to get adjust from the jetlag. the hostel is sooo cheap compared to hotel. hostel is $25 a night, australian. whereas the hotel is $186 a night!! O.O sooo yea.... i hope the hostel isn't scary but then again, i'm thinking it's gonna be like cki events where we stayed at YMCAs and stuff. or at FTC with the bunk beds. those were fun. but those were with ppl i knew. aahhh *nervous to sleep at hostel* at least im traveling with a guy. he better watch my back!! lol then after the eap orientation, we'll go back to the hostel for 2 more nights to just be touristy around sydney before we leave (a week from wen we first arrived) to get our butts over to our uni in canberra. we got early accomodation at the halls so we can stay in canberra and settle in before (most?) ppl get there. orientation is the day after and then school starts 11 days later. aahhh! we start so early compared to the other unis!! at least we get a long time to acclimate ourselves to the new city and the uni =)

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