Saturday, March 14, 2009

mmm i found my new favorite drink: irish cream and coca cola mixed. SOOo good... its like root beer float, with a kick! =D

other news: oh yea, its my birthday. but no one here knows that. ppl back home know because its on fb but no one uses fb here.

wow. it is POURING outside as i type. i just got back from civic too. good thing i came back in time.

sean is on his botany fieldtrip. it sounds like he's having a good time, walking thru forest, seeing kangyroos, chilling with his classmates drinking lol. but he's there with his class to collect plant specimans. right.

what will i do? go see a movie haha. after all it is the weekends and anu film group has movies 4 days of the week =]

i think ill go drink my booze and listen to the rain. its so refreshing =D

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