Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Classes

This weekend was the first weekend of a 2 weekend course. we got lecture from 9a to 4p with an hour lunch break in the middle. we have hours and hours of lecture... ugh. but it only lasts a total of 4 days, since we do both saturday and sunday. oh yea and the course is called lanugage in asia, where they consolidate the undergrad and grad together into this one course. actually, its more like 4 classes put together cause the you(undergrad or grad) also have the option of doing the essay assignments in an asian language and that counts as a different course number. but its the same class. im being confusing. anyway, the lectures are really interesting. so far we talked about javanese, east-timor, singapore english, chinese writing, tagalog and its only half way over! other than that, im exhausted at the end of the day. its pretty tough, this intensive class. we also have lots of essay writing and omg im so scared at all the researching and writing that is expected of you here at this uni and generally in australia! i mean, i kno i kno, they warned us. at least i dont have to do it in another languge which would have happend if i went to a different country. tomorrow is canberra day so everyone gets a 3 day weekend! (cept i had class...) next weekend, sean is going on a fieldtrip for one of his bio classes. he's got his mosquito repellent, his tagging labels, and he's even got a hat! yay haha. actually, he'll be going on 3 different fieldtrips for each of his bio classes. that's pretty cool!! i wish i could go...! linguists. boooo. always into their data sets and never going anywhere! lol thats not true tho i wish we had fieldtrips too

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